Though the Equal Pay Act was passed over 50 years ago, the gender wage gap continues to be persistent problem in the US and throughout much of the world. <100 aims to make the impact of this wage gap tangible, hosting pop-up shops across the US that offer work by exceptional women artists, makers, and entrepreneurs priced to reflect the wage gap in its respective locations.


Each location also offers a series of events aimed at connecting, empowering, and promoting local women and girls while fostering dialogue around this issue and those that intersect it. All events are open to the public and are child-friendly.


The project is not for profit, with all sales going directly to our featured artists. We also pay all our contributors and collaborators a fair wage. Less Than 100 is made possible through support from grants and donations.




Isn’t this pricing unfair?



What do you charge transgender and non-binary visitors?

We ask shoppers to self-identify, and encourage transgender and non-binary visitors to pay the lesser price, as they also face a significant wage gap and workforce discrimination.


What about women of color?

Our prices are derived from the median earnings of all full-time workers in each state. We understand that for women of color, particularly blacks and latinas, these number are even worse. We offer two prices to keep our message easy to understand and focused on gender, as women of all races still earn less than both white men and men within their own race groups.


What about your artists—aren’t they making less money?

Many of our artists sell their work wholesale at other shops, where they typically earn 60% or less of the retail price of their work. At <100, they earn the full retail price (less a 5% admin fee, which allows <100 to pay for packaging and to accept credit cards). If women make a purchase, the artist earns an amount that is similar (and often more) than the wholesale cost of their work.


Don’t you know that the gender wage gap is a myth?

We know that calculations of the wage gap differ from source to source, as do opinions on the cause of this disparity, but whether you think the gap is 78% or 98%, it’s real and we won’t be satisfied until it’s eliminated.


Are your events child-friendly?

We welcome children at all shop events and make childcare available whenever possible. This service is provided by childcare professionals certified in first aid and CPR.


How can I sell my art at your shop?

Participating artists are selected by invitation; however, we do periodically review submissions for consideration in future projects. Please email us with a link to your work. Unfortunately we cannot respond to all submissions.


How can I help <100?

We occasionally need volunteer help at select locations, contact us if you’re interested in getting involved. We also love when people spread the word—please share our project with your friends, family, and colleagues! Finally, support the shop by making a donation or support our participating artists by checking out their work online, many of them have online shops where you can buy items directly from them.


Can I host <100?

We have shops scheduled through 2016. If you are interested in hosting a shop in 2017 or later, please contact us.


Pittsburgh, PA, April 2015



New Orleans, LA, November 2015


75<100 @ PRINTtEXT

Indianapolis, IN, Coming in 2016




Coming soon!




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