November 3-30, 2015

Open: Tue-Sun, 12-7


1612 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard

New Orleans, LA 70113

United States


Ceramics, textiles, publications, art prints, stationery, and other exceptional goods created by women artists and makers from across the US.


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Afronique’s Honeycomb, Rodrina Rouege

Aisha Patrice 
Akasha Rabut

Amy Bryan

Angel Oloshove

Ani Kasten

Artemis Antippas

Azu Romá

Blackbird Letterpress
Cake by the Pound, Katy Jane Tull & Leah Fishbein

Cherry Bombe

Christine “Cfreedom” Brown

Christina Labey

Connie Shea

Daniela Marx

Day Job, Taryn Cowart & Corbin LaMont

Floating Heads, Julia Lavigne

Fox & Comet, Magda Boreysza


Girls Like Us

Grace Danico

Got a Girl Crush

Goods That Matter, Tippy Tippens

Guerrilla Girls

Happy Village Kids, Renée Johnson

Holt McCall, Tippi Clark

Jen Lee

Jing Wei

Karen Aragon

Kate Hanrahan

Kayla Mattes

Keetra Dean Dixon

Kiernan Dunn

Kristen Downing

Leah Ball

Levee Baking, Christina Balzebre

Little Histories, Sam Randolph

M.A.D. Nails, Morgan A Dixon

Making of Hess, Elizabeth Hess

Magali Duzant

Manal Kara
Marble and Milkweed, Briar Winters

Margherita Urbani

Marlo Barrera
Martine Syms

Maureen Iverson

Meg Turner

Michelle Jane Lee

Natalie McClaurin

Natalie Woodlock

Nicole Killian

Nina Chanel Abney

Nola & Neighbors, Taszia Chatellier

Osa Atoe

Ovenly, Agatha Kulaga & Erin Patinkin

Pieces and Patterns, Jennifer Rowe

Pippin Frisbie-Calder

People I’ve Loved, Carissa Potter Carlson

Pottspurls, Megan Potts

Rachael DePauw

Sadie Barnette
Saint Lydia

Sarah Baird


Shaine Drake

Shanga Designs, Debbie Anderson Rusher


Sigourney Morrison

Sisster Press, Erica Christmas

The Southern Letterpress, Jessica Peterson

Spirit Parade, Savanna Meekins
The Subtle Needle, Kallie Tiffault

Thora Ford

Tom Tom Club
Yuka Petz



Friday, November 6, 4-5pm
Youth Empowerment Project’s Design Studio Class Visit

The Design Studio class will be stopping by to talk about running an art business with Rodrina Rouege, Renée Johnson, Kallie Tiffault, and Debbie Anderson Rusher.


Saturday, November 7, 12-7pm
Opening Reception
Come buy the shop! Meet people, do some shopping, get a free poster about the wage gap, and enjoy the amazing Central City Festival right outside our door. Lush Cosmetics will be having a mini job fair outside.


Tuesday, November 10, 7-8pm
Negotiation Workshop for Women
Develop strategies to define your value and advocate for the compensation you deserve. Led by Lelia Gowland of Gowland, LLC. Free. Childcare will be provided.


Thursday, November 12, 10am
FIKA with The Blue House
FIKA is a tradition in Sweden of having a break, most often of coffee, bread, and pastries, with one’s colleagues, friends, or family. The Blue House has a weekly FIKA, Thursday morning at 10am.


Saturday, November 22, 10am-noon
Meet and Learn with Electric Girls
The Electric Girls, a 12-week program that engages girls in electronics, audio, programming & design through peer mentorship, will be showing off their hard work by demoing in-progress projects in robotics and more. 


Wednesday, November 25, 12-7pm
Thanksgiving Pie Pick-Up
Stop by and buy a special fresh Thanksgiving pie from Cake by the Pound. Meet Katy and Leah!

<100 is a traveling pop-up shop for gender wage equality. Each installment offers work by exceptional women artists, makers, and entrepreneurs from throughout the US, priced to reflect the wage gap in its respective location.


Our current project, 66<100, focuses on Louisiana, where women earn just 66% of what men earn—one of the worst income disparities in the nation.


Mirroring this inequality, male shoppers pay 100% of the retail price of any item, while those who identify as women pay 66% of this price. It is our hope that this “pay what you’re paid” pricing helps to make the impact of the wage gap tangible, and to foster dialogue and positive action around this issue. Events held throughout the month will also connect, empower, and promote local women and girls.


The project is not for profit, with all sales going directly to our featured artists. We also pay all our contributors and collaborators a fair wage. Less Than 100 is made possible through support from grants and donations.



Women and Girls Foundation (WGF)

Sprout Fund Seed Award

Platforms Fund

Soup N’At

Awesome Pittsburgh

Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania




90.5 WESA

ABC News


CBS This Morning

CBC News


Daily Mail

Dazed Digital

The Debrief

Fast Company


Huffington Post

Huh Magazine

The Independent

KDKA Pittsburgh


Metro (Sweden)


NBC Nightly News

Next Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Toronto Star



Women in the World in Association with The New York Times

Women’s Health Magazine

WPXI Pittsburgh